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by J.P. Whipple



My first album. I came up to Utah after living in my van, barefoot, out in the Ponderosas near Flagstaff Arizona. I hooked up with Sean McCarthy through an old friend and once and future bandmate, James Perry, who happened to be living across the hall from Sean's apartment.

Sean was, at the time, putting together a studio and agreed to help me record a real album. I recorded Low in his apartment. I had to put my socks on the radiator to mute it's hissing. The album would take ten months to finish. I tried so fucking hard to get my guitar tracks just right I wound up blowing out my arm... which never fully recovered.

When it was released in 2002 it was well received getting rave reviews from anyone who would bother to listen to it. There was some interest from big label representatives but I don't think they knew how to market something like this which drifts through various genres ranging from Delta Blues to folk to country to funk. I never thought much about that. I loved those songs so goddamn much I didn't care whether they fit in one genre. I wanted to build each a home where they could flower.

I stopped printing it a couple of years later. I would later cannibalize some of the tracks for "The Last Cold One". I spent hours digging through milk crates full of CD's to find a copy. I am still proud of this record. It was bold, ambitious, and, most of all, filled with great songs. As rough as life would get after... with so many stumbles and disasters... I can always look back and know that I made this beautiful record.

That's something...


released October 2, 2002

J.P.Whipple - guitars, Dobro, harmonicas, bass, vocals
Joel Zeigler - bass guitar
Jason Giron - drums
Sean McCarthy - keyboards
Gigi Love - mandolin

Produced by James Perry, Sean McCarthy and John Whipple



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J.P. Whipple Portland, Oregon

J. P. Whipple is a barefoot vagabond whose errant rambles have taken him through the Great American West picking up songs along the side of the highways, in the mountain forests, the rivers, canyons and down broken alleyways. He grows them in small notebooks and when they mature he translates them through banjo, Dobro or accordion and then brings them to audiences throughout the US and Europe. ... more

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