Thinking of You​.​.​. Staring at the Power Lines

by J. P. Whipple and Tycoon Machete



released July 18, 2014

Songs by J.P.Whipple
J.P.Whipple - vocals, Dobro, banjo, bass, harmonica, synth
Sean McCarthy - Keys
James Perry - drums and percussion
Joel Zeigler - bass on "No Fool"
Noah Bernstein - sax on "Dumpster Dan"
Produced by James Perry



all rights reserved


J.P. Whipple Portland, Oregon

J. P. Whipple is a barefoot vagabond whose errant rambles have taken him through the Great American West picking up songs along the side of the highways, in the mountain forests, the rivers, canyons and down broken alleyways. He grows them in small notebooks and when they mature he translates them through banjo, Dobro or accordion and then brings them to audiences throughout the US and Europe. ... more

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Track Name: On the Run
On the run.
The love of a mother
The terror of a father
The shadow calls
Sink into the blood and bone
Taste the sin and the grace is gone

On the run
Lost in the system
The beating drum
We dance around the fire
Put your mind to the hum and drone
Leave the flesh for the devil to mold

On the run
Chase the gold and the silver
Poison the well
Sink like a stone
Gonna die in the bed I was born
All alone
Track Name: Stain
The house is warm
She’s thinking of you
Tending the wash
But the stain comes through

There’s shells by the tracks
The deal has gone bad
Blood in the cracks
Someone has been had

Sinks to the bottom
No one knows where he’s from
He keeps them waiting
But he never comes

River is on the rise
There’s an empty truck
Someone got wise
Fate is all drunk

The house is warm…
Track Name: Ordinary Skin
The city life keeps bringing me down
I swallow her poison just to cut through the pollution
As the walls cave in gonna shed this ordinary skin
Go down to the river return to the water

The wind don’t care which way it blows
Mountains pay no mind to which way it goes
Gonna keep to places where life don’t cost a thing
Free myself from the power lines

They talk of love. They talk of freedom
It’s bullshit. It’s more…
It’s always fucking more
Never get enough til they reach the top
Then they look for a ladder
Never get what they was after

The wind don’t care which way it blows….

The flesh meets stone on this concrete soul
The cracks grow wider. The divide gets deeper.
Let me off this ride. I don’t want to take a side.
I’ll take the day and night.
The earth and sky.

The wind don’t care which way it blows…

Gonna shed this Ordinary Skin….
Track Name: Gone
Gone. Gone away.
The Love I once known.
Put out the fire.
Holding on so tightly.
Until she grew cold.

Far. Far away.
The home where I once I lain.
Turned me out.
Into the night.
Where still I roam.

Gone. Gone away.
The truth I once held.
Left without warning.
A world without reason.
Blind and alone.

Far. Far away.
The life I once known.
Nothing to be saved.
Dust in the grave.
Where I lay low.
Track Name: No Fool
You got something I am wanting.
But baby.
Don’t expect to walk over me.
Don’t take me for no fool.
Little lies don’t move me.
Don’t take me for no fool.
Truth gonna come and set you free.

Take it or leave it, make up my mind.
Tell me I got to choose a side.
I don’t believe in no wrong or right.
Nothing is ever black and white.

Crocodile tears don’t touch me.
And baby.
All your threats to start walking
Don’t take me for no fool.

Shadows grow tall in the evening
Where you gonna be in the morning?
Don’t take me for no fool…
Track Name: Scent
Black rain
Falling on the desert
Carried away
Heading to disaster
Scent of a woman
For the scent of a woman I…

The light fades
With no one left to witness
There’s a grave
Waiting to be written
Scent of woman
For the scent of a woman I…
This broken highway I roam
Carrying this empty ghost
Til the day I lay low
By your rusted gate.

Man of clay
Bow to your knees before her
Swept away
The heavens give no answer
The scent of a woman
For the scent of a woman I…
This broken highway I roam….
Track Name: Dumpster Dan
It was three AM in this cold mountain town
He had half a bottle left but there was no one around
All he could find was locked doors
The shelter isn’t taking in drunks anymore
Dumpster Dan. Dumpster Dan.
Spent his last night in a garbage can

He was a good boy so they shipped him to war.
He carved notches in his rifle to keep score.
His best friend died in his arms.
He watched his blood soak into some foreign farm.
Dumpster Dan.

She was a tragic beauty about half his age.
And when she started to wander he went into a rage.
She left him about twenty years ago
And when he passes out into her arms he goes
Dumpster Dan…

It was a bitter night and it started to storm
He crawled into a dumpster to try to keep warm
He made himself a bed out of some cardboard boxes
Covered himself with shredded documents
Finished off the bottle before the morning light
Passed out without a fight
When the truck came and caught him in a dream
The driver never heard him scream
Dumpster Dan…
Track Name: Cadillac in Paradise
I’ll drive a Cadillac in Paradise
In all Zion, I’ll have the sweetest ride.

You know I’ve been a bad boy. I’ve been a sinner.
You know I’ve lost my way.
But Jesus came in and showed me his light.
I’ll be getting my keys on Judgment Day.

I’ve quit the drugs. I quit the drinking.
And I’m done with all that fornicating.
Now I’m getting high in the presence of the Lord.
And I’ll be getting my keys on Judgment Day.

When I finally reach Zion.
And I’m fitted with that robe of glory.
Saint Peter will be there waiting for me
To hand over my Golden Keys.
Track Name: Mother Road
You cursed and spat on the ground.
The night we burned your father’s barn down.
My car loaded – your bags packed.
We both know there’s no turning back.

When we had half a chance.
We pulled into the fields so you could dance.
In the headlights you spin so fast.
Your bare feet kicking at the past.

Like the wind we are gone.
Chasing the sun.
Down this Mother Road.

In the morning we were delivered.
We tossed the gun into the muddy river.
The dust will soak up all the blood.
This is between us and God.

Like the wind we are gone…

We’ll get lost. We’ll be out of touch.
California, if it’s not too much.
Keep running until the money’s gone.
The time is now for our song.

Like the wind we are gone…
Track Name: Power Lines
Burst out the door in the blinding daylight.
Money in my left. Gun in my right.
Looking for cover before they arrive.
Devil on the loose. Won’t take me alive.

Didn’t hear the shot until I was on my way down.
Didn’t know I was hit until I hit the ground.
Can’t hear the screams or the sirens whine.
Lost in the sky staring at the power lines.
I was thinking of you…. staring at the power lines.

How beautiful the moon. How beautiful your eyes.
The wire birds fly disappear in the sky.
How beautiful the moon. How beautiful the sky.
Wire birds fly disappear in the night.
I was thinking of you… staring at the power lines.
Track Name: She Finds
We fall so lightly – the ground gives way.
All dreams that might be – go to debts we cannot pay.

All the answers they gave me – I knew never to trust.
All I held so tightly – I watch it fade to rust.

She only finds when I have nothing left to hide.
I let her inside only to say goodbye.

When I am called to leave you – my only friend.
A note with no one to send to – gone to join the wind.

She only finds…

Let me rest easy – in soft earth I lie.
When she comes to put me – away in the night sky.
To all I gave away…
To all I let slip by…
To all I have left to say…